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Dave The Funky Monkey Top Christmas Toy

compare pricesIf you want to be sure of scoring a success with kids big and small this Christmas, Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey is a great bet.

The amazing ape has already been tipped by Hamley’s to be one of 2010’s top sellers, so get your skates on and snap him up.

About Dave The Funky Monkey

Measuring 8 inches tall, Dave The Funky Monkey has been designed to sit securely on the shoulder and unleash cheeky phrases to unsuspecting passers-by, family and friends! He’s been described by the big cheese from creators Wow Stuff as an ‘interactive ventriloquist dummy for the 21st century,’ a claim that he certainly lives up to.

Dave The Funky Monkey is cute and cuddly, with a mischievous streak that’s both amusing and endearing. He has bags of charm and character, which is balanced out with a sensitive side. His quirky little mannerisms, sound effects and movements really bring him to life. Dave whispers to his owner, waves his arms around, shakes his head and makes the monkey noises kids know and love.

Dave’s interactive features (click to watch a video) allow for all sorts of reactions to different stimuli. He’s operated by a tiny wireless remote control that can be secreted inside his owner’s clothing. He’ll also react to shouting - which makes him sad and scared.

If you think he’s said quite enough for one day, activate the sleep mode. Dave will keep quiet for a while, with the odd scratch of the head and a quick glance about to let you know he’s still around!

As a loveable plush toy or an engaging ape, Dave The Funky Monkey is great fun. He’s easy to operate and affordable too. What more do you need for Christmas?

Dave The Funky Monkey is available for around £24.99.